Do not Let the cutlery into a

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Said: "The Book of Rites" rice millet to chopsticks. "Chopsticks, namely chopsticks. Found in the Shang dynasty, people have begun to eat with chopsticks. This seemingly small, flexible chopsticks, but different material, size and variety, from the beginning of the bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks of dental bone to metal chopsticks, jade chopsticks, chemical chopsticks, all the fantastic meal.

There is a saying "the food as" stylish and beautiful restaurant, there will always be a variety tableware embellishment: the crystal clear glass pot, smooth and elegant bone china plate, noble ice metal utensils, warm and simple and elegant pottery, natural and fresh bamboo and wood products ...

However, with tableware made by the natural bamboo chopsticks to the finishing of stainless steel products, people praised the colorful, but also a hint of worry: Stainless steel is the best and safest it, or what kind of material the life of appliances is the most safe?

Members of the public questioned the magnet Zeneng suck on a stainless steel

Just for the new stainless steel pot turned rusty?! "Recently, members of the public Mr Wu and I reluctantly said. He said that the home a stainless steel cooking pot before the rust and re-buy one, the results useless a few days and rust.

"This stainless steel or stainless iron?" The public Ms. Lee is also deeply puzzled, because she had recently encountered a similar Xiqiao Shi.

Ms. Lee said that to help his son tutoring, knowledge magnet poles have a lesson. One night, when Ms. Lee counseling to son homework myself sitting there playing the magnet stone, accidentally discovered in the hands of the magnet can even breathe the stainless steel cup on the table.

Ms. Lee, wonder, and the stainless steel cup how to be a magnet to suck up, Could stainless steel cup itself is magnetic? Curious about Ms. Lee then stood up, stainless steel products in the home with the magnet test. "It does not try to do not know," Ms. Lee said, "my family of stainless steel products almost magnetic."

Stainless steel things how magnetic it? Ms. Lee grew more and more wrong, in the end this is what? Ms. Lee said that he did not know in the end dare not insist on using it, will someday with not, affect the body?

Over the past few days, I also visited the city part of the supermarket and kitchen specialty mall, found in the cutlery shelf, in addition to the part of the bowl, filled almost entirely of stainless steel products, the price is uneven. Happiness in a supermarket, I see several stainless steel products is a promotion, a "stainless steel" pots promotional price of 28 yuan, a "stainless steel" rice bowl is 3 yuan. Field staff, said that the manufacturers engaged in activities, are absolutely regular stainless steel products.

When I tested with a magnet, found that magnets actually were bound some stainless steel products. Subsequently, the author of the low price of stainless steel products to the test, found that many magnetic. In this regard, a kitchen sales staff is frankly admitted that the cost of stainless steel tall ah generally cheap stainless steel products, the material is certainly not stainless steel, but most likely is a stainless steel iron.

The stainless steel iron What is this? What difference does it and the stainless steel? I interviewed the assistant director of the Yantai City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection, Inspection section chief Liu Weiming. He told the author, is the content of the steel of chromium, nickel, stainless iron and stainless steel. The so-called "stainless steel the life of appliances in some markets in order to reduce production costs, reducing the content of chromium, nickel, steel, looks like stainless steel by adding manganese and other elements so that the material appearance. This "stainless steel" also has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but its composition does not meet the requirements of national standards, corrosion resistance compared with a national standard steels there is a big gap.

One engaged in the kitchen business 20 years, Wang introduced on the market today, "stainless iron" possession of a large, even after demagnetized after treatment, but also mixed with stainless steel appliances marketplace.

In this regard, Liu Kechang due to the general public with stainless steel are austenitic stainless steel (eg 304, 316, etc.), these stainless steel non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, so the people I detect a strong magnetic choose not to purchase.

So why stainless steel iron products so much? Wang said that the interest-driven result. He pointed out that the higher prices of chromium, nickel, so the cost of stainless steel is higher than the stainless steel iron, coupled with the differences in corrosion resistance, stainless steel prices are often higher than the stainless steel iron 1/4-1/3 .

Experts said that the excessive intake of trace elements in poor health

Either iron or stainless steel or stainless steel or, Ms. Lee said that if long-term use of such appliances at home, the body will not impact?

In this regard, the assistant director of the Yantai City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection, Inspection section chief, Liu Weiming told the author that the so-called "rustless iron" is usually the processing of scrap stainless steel, some small manufacturers will be recovered by the second melted, because these small factories in production processes and product quality inspection and control is not strict, and may lead to excessive heavy metals in the finished steel.

The chief physician of the occupational disease hospital in Yantai City, accounting for wave, although stainless steel is resistant to corrosion than other metals, but if the public use of improper methods, trace metals in the stainless steel will also be gradually accumulated in the body, achieve a certain amount will be harmful to human health. She said that the nickel in stainless steel is a carcinogen, if the excessive intake of the body will harm.

, Accounting for Director reminded the public that the use of stainless steel household items, not a long bloom strong acid or alkaline foods, to prevent the dissolution of chromium, nickel and other metals, do not use stainless steel utensils suffering of Chinese medicine to prevent stainless steel heating under the conditions of the reaction of alkaloids in traditional Chinese medicine and organic acids, to generate the more toxic chemicals. The same time, we must be careful not to use strong bases and strong oxidizing pharmaceutical washing stainless steel tableware; in particular, found that the deformation or surface of the stainless steel o appliances damaged, should be replaced appliances.

Since a chemical element, it is accumulated to a certain amount will be the impact on the human body, then not no what kind of appliances so that people can safely use? Account of occupational disease hospital, the Director pointed out that fact, as long as the ingredients in line with national standards, the elements are not excessive, what type of appliances are used as usual.

Sound identification of stainless steel used in daily life has a way

Since it is so, then the stainless steel products used in daily life whether regulatory standards can refer to? The optional stainless steel appliances to the public to make reference to what only can avoid this kind of problems occur.

In this regard, the assistant director of the Yantai City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection, Inspection Chief of Section Chief Liu Weiming told the author, the Quality Supervision Bureau is only responsible for the quality of stainless steel production supervision and management, but only in the industrial field, for daily use, the quality supervision department is not yet a uniform identification requirements; the public are often alone will not get a stainless steel life of appliances over the detection, it is not worth spending so this one has been no conclusion out.

However, Liu Kechang pointed out that members of the public to buy stainless steel appliances, if you do not trust the best band magnet to determine if the material is good or bad; or qualified members of the public can also use stainless steel syrup, appliances, on a drop they can, through to identify the color change is not really stainless steel products.

In addition, Liu Kechang also mentioned that, generally stainless steel qualified products, such as tableware, smooth surface, no obvious the brushed defects India; unnotched edge of the bristles of the phenomenon; welding parts of the solid, no cracks; pot, the pot's lid body with appropriate, neither loose nor tight; are self-adhesive paste on each item, indicating that the trademark, name and specifications. The packaging should also be the name and address, trademarks, specifications, product name and Item. So, when people buy the light of this purchase.